White Pine Needles


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White Pine Needles

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Sustainably harvested from wild Nova Scotian forests. Our needles are dried slowly and naturally, preserving their coloration and potency. The needles provide a simple, aromatic, and delicious remedy for the winter ailment season; immune-support and Vitamin C couldn’t be more natural, easy, or tasty!

Foraged White Pine needles can be used for a variety of applications. Pine needles are used most often for the oils and aroma within, to impart a pine scent or flavor to teas, ice creams, and liquors. Pine needles can be used to smoke meat, adding a hint of pine flavor. Place Pine needles under meat while cooking or chop like rosemary and add to marinades or brine.

Packaged in a vacuum sealed bag ensures that you get a premium quality product.

Straight from the forest delivered directly to your door!

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