White Pine Needles

Weight: 114 grams (4 oz)

Sustainably harvested from wild Nova Scotian forests. Our needles are dried slowly and naturally, preserving their coloration and potency. The needles provide a simple, aromatic, and delicious remedy for the winter ailment season; immune-support and Vitamin C couldn’t be more natural, easy, or tasty!

Foraged White Pine needles can be used for a variety of applications. Pine needles are used most often for the oils and aroma within, to impart a pine scent or flavor to teas, ice creams, and liquors. Pine needles can be used like applewood or mahogany in fires to smoke meats or chicken, adding a hint of pine flavor. Place Pine needles under fish while cooking or chop like rosemary and add to marinades or brine.

Packaged in vacuum sealed bags ensures that you get premium quality product. Straight from the wild delivered directly to your door in 2-3 days!