Red Clover Blossoms


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Red Clover Blossoms

Weight: 114 grams (4 oz)

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Sustainably harvested from Nova Scotia. Our products are dried slowly and naturally, preserving their coloration and potency. Red clover blossoms are protein-rich and beneficial for women’s health and general reproductive health. Red clover blossom also promotes optimal health of the respiratory system, the lymphatic system, the immune system, the blood, and the skin.

Foraged Red Clover Blossoms are a beautiful, sweet and medicinal herb – dry these to add to herbal blend teas, or soak them fresh and add honey to make a delicious cold-brew/lemonade drink for hot weather.

Packaged in a vacuum sealed bag ensures that you get a premium quality product.

Straight from the wild delivered directly to your door!

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4 oz (114 grams)