East Coast Wild Foods
East Coast Wild Foods
East Coast Wild Foods is a local business focused on supplying the adventurous with quality ingredients from the wild.

We supply restaurants, chefs, breweries, and distilleries with exciting, wild harvested ingredients from Nova Scotia.

We harvest wild greens, seaweed, fruit, berries, and mushrooms; including porcini mushrooms, wild ramps, sea lettuce, elderberries, sea asparagus and much more.

Collaboration is important to us and you will find many collaborative pop-ups events with local chefs and other makers.

We also offer workshops and educational tours to learn about wild food in Nova Scotia. These events are a unique experience for those interested in learning more about the Nova Scotia landscape and the delicious ingredients you can find in the fields, forests, and shores.

Forager & Founder
Forager & Founder
East Coast Wild Foods is led by Sarah d’Apollonia.

Sarah holds a degree in Biology and a Master degree in Sustainable Agriculture. She is a biologist by training and has an appetite for travel and culture. She has lived in Spain, Denmark, Italy, Bolivia, and Japan and has taken the time to explore the local food ingredients in these cultures.

After exploring for several years, Sarah returned home to Nova Scotia to discover that many wild ingredients growing in Nova Scotia are underutilized in East Coast cuisine. So, in 2016, East Coast Wild Foods was formed with the mission to bring the wild flavours of Nova Scotia to the menu and rediscover East Coast terroir.

Sarah is happy to share the knowledge she has learned over the years to bring you fresh, wild, and quality ingredients which are sustainably harvested from Mother Nature.